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Primary Care

We specialize in providing in-home medical care for seniors, the chronically ill and the disabled. We serve individuals living in private homes and retirement communities.

Minor illness can rapidly escalate into long-term problems. Through early recognition and frequent monitoring, our team proactively treats illness and injury to prevent costly hospitalization or emergency care.

Routine Visits

Providers are available throughout the week to evaluate and treat medical issues.

On-Site Diagnostics

Need labs or imaging? Our team coordinates a range of ancillary services delivered in your home.

Medical Procedures

Our team is equipped to provide minor medical procedures such as injections, lesion removal, IV therapy and more.

Medication Management

Out of your medications? We can help. We coordinate refills with your pharmacy, community and specialists as needed.

Medical Consultation

We consult with families and caregivers in the event they are unable to be present for the visit.

24/7 Call Coverage

Emergencies don’t wait until business hours. Our team is always available to deal with emergent issues.

Franklin, TN Senior Care

Our team provides home and community-based medical care to seniors, the chronically ill and disabled. We know that minor illnesses can rapidly escalate and turn into long-term problems. Through early recognition, we proactively treat illness and disease to prevent costly hospitalizations or trips to the Emergency Department. As a result, we are able to deliver exceptional results for our patients, including lower rates of hospitalization, reduced medical costs, greater independence and significantly higher patient satisfaction.

Unlike most Primary Care offices, our team guarantees availability within 7 days, with most patients waiting less than 72 hours before being seen by their Primary Care Provider. Combined with robust TeleHealth capabilities, we provide rapid medical response to issues such falls, urinary tract infections, medication refills and more. For over 17 years, our home-based model has served thousands of patients and saved millions in Medicare expenses. We work closely with patients, caregivers, families and community resources to ensure all needs are appropriately addressed and communicated to all those engaged in an individual’s care. 

Who We Serve

We serve Medicare-aged individuals living in senior living communities or retirement homes. 

We serve all individuals residing in private homes, including apartment and condominiums, who struggle to navigate the current healthcare environment.