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Delivering Home-Based Medical Care to Seniors

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Home-Based Primary and Palliative Care

We specialize in caring for older adults living alone or in communal settings. Our team delivers on-site medical care to individuals living in private residences and communities. With over 100 years of combined experience caring for seniors and their families, we know the unique challenges seniors face.

Our group pioneered the in-home care model, delivering home-based medical care to thousands of families for over 17 years. Through our home-based design, we are able to significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization, emergency care and significant injury.

Patients enjoy a higher quality of life, timelier receipt of care, lower likelihood of ER or hospital care, and a more patient-centered experience.

No Waiting Room

Enjoy the comfort of your residence as you await our team to come to you for care.


Covered by Insurance

We participate with Medicare and most all Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee. No additional fees or expenses.

Telehealth Enabled

Illness doesn’t wait, and neither do we. Utilizing telehealth technology, our team rapidly responds to patient needs.

How does home-based care work?

We operate similarly to your traditional Primary Care Provider, except we serve our patients in their home as opposed to a busy medical office.

Patients are able to schedule appointments throughout the week, and we guarantee same-week availability for most patients. In the event an emergency occurs after hours or on the weekend, we maintain 24/7 on-call services. When you call our office, you are not reaching a call center or third party Рwe manage all care in-house. 

In those instances where care is urgently needed, we coordinate same-day TeleHealth services to evaluate and treat a wide range of issues. In the event of a true emergency, our team will assist in coordinating emergent care.

Tailored to Care for Aging Adults

Each patient is assigned a dedicated team to oversee their care. This team-based approach enables us to maintain continuity between outside providers, family and caregivers. We work closely with home health, diagnostic, hospice and other home-based providers who can deliver on-site services without the need to leave your home.

We are anticipatory with your care, not simply reactive. With extensive family and emergency medicine experience, our team is able to manage a wide spectrum of needs. Whether dealing with an acute injury or managing a long-term disease like Alzheimer’s, we are trained and familiar with it all.

Change the Way Healthcare Sees You

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